Bosch 2609256D86 nanoBLADE Wood Speed 65

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nanoBLADE Wood Speed 65, The nanoBLADE Wood Speed 65 offers fast cutting in wood with a cutting depth of up to 65 mm. A rotating cutting string provides an effortless cutting process with only little vibration. The stable guiding unit ensures precise cutting angles and makes following predefined straight lines easy. The tip actively cuts and therefore supports plunge cutting applications. This NanoBlade is ideal for rough sawing to complete a wide range of DIY projects such as cutting wooden branches or roof laths, or shortening workpieces. It can be used in wood, laminate and also selected plastic materials like PC, PVC, PMMA and WPC., This NanoBlade fits all hand-held NanoBlade saws including EasyCut 12, EasyCut 50 and AdvancedCut 50., Furthermore, a convenient SDS mounting system allows for quick and easy saw blade changes.

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